Florida sheriff encourages residents to shoot looters breaking into homes

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  1. Toxic Shooter

    Imagine Upload Problem

    I had to resize a photo just to upload it on my thread. Can y’all do something about making the uploading images more smooth on this site?
  2. Toxic Shooter

    Is Alex Jones a Scam?

    His one Internet personality I’ve been questioning for over the couple of years now. I am not sure.
  3. Toxic Shooter

    I am about to work on a new build...

    Alright boys and gals, I just got a multi caliber upper receiver and a 80% lower receiver from Anderson Manufacturing. I don’t want to do 5.56 or .223 I already have those. My dad suggested a .224 Valkyrie, what do you all think for my next build? Any suggestions would be well appreciated.
  4. Toxic Shooter

    AR 15 For Sale Under $1,000?

    Pandemic times, I am not sure you will find AR15 under $1k right now. Everyone is jacking up their prices since the demand is so high and there is a supply shortage.
  5. Toxic Shooter

    AR 15 Is a Weapon of War?

    It can be used in war and it can be used for hunting and defending our property. It’s a weapon of war if you use it for war. It’s a weapon of peace if you use it for defending our freedom. It’s all how you wanna use it.
  6. Toxic Shooter

    Does AR15 forum have social media channels?

    Yes it has social media channels. Do you see the buttons under the threads?
  7. Toxic Shooter

    Why You Should Hunt with an AR 15?

    I hunt deer with bow. It’s more interesting.
  8. Toxic Shooter

    Will AR 15 Prices Go Up?

    They already started to go up.
  9. Toxic Shooter

    Introduce Yourselves!

    Respect bro. I know how much work the cyber side of the world takes and I also know how much effort and work being ranger officer takes. I am sure you'll bring this community some serious value. At least you seem like the type a guy that would. I am a gun enthusiast and 2nd amendment...