Florida sheriff encourages residents to shoot looters breaking into homes

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  1. branko

    Why Did Polymer80 Get Raided?

    It's not the ATF job to regulate and Trace nice they do not need anything the only their only job with a nics check is to see if this person does not have a criminal record it is not their right nor their job to record serial numbers weapons type and who has them that's none of their damn business.
  2. branko

    Why Did Polymer80 Get Raided?

    Well boys and gals, we got no other option but to invest into 3d printers.
  3. branko

    Why Twitter is Censoring Tweets?

    Well this is the message I received from twitter after my post was taken down 30 minutes after publishing. “We removed your post because it was factually accurate and makes liberals look foolish, which violates our community standard. Any future posts based on logic, sound reasoning and/or...
  4. branko

    What's going on with ATF on Pistol Braces?

    If it was just a brace then they probably would’ve just suggested taking the brace off. From my understanding some of the pistols might have went out with rifle lowers by mistake.
  5. branko

    2nd Amendment Memes

  6. branko

    Unintended Consequences of Dismantling the Police

    Defunding the police is another insane idea from the same group of ppl who want open borders for this country but still live behind their fences and locked doors. Perhaps under consideration should be dismantling of the police (and teacher/firefighter) unions who are responsible for 'bad' cops...
  7. branko

    Conservative Memes

  8. branko

    I am about to work on a new build...

    Have you built .308?
  9. branko

    American AK's vs Russian AK's.

    ar15 all the way but it is a personal preference.