Florida sheriff encourages residents to shoot looters breaking into homes

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    Magpul Industries Reviews

    I just needed two stocks for my two new builds. Decided to grab it from Magpul since many guys on YouTube and at shooting range recommended Magpul Moe Stock. I’ll try to post a picture of my Build once I finish it up.
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    My Little Aero .223 WYLDE Build

    Awesome thanks I want one lol
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    My Little Aero .223 WYLDE Build

    Nice so awesome so its a wide meaning its made for 223 but can use 556 also ?
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    Is $600 for 1,000 rounds of 5.56 to much?

    Last time I bought 1,000 RD cases of 5.56 they were $359 and I’m glad I bought a few of them.
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    Is Alex Jones a Scam?

    I didn’t know any better forum than this to post this at. This community is made out of someone the best, objective point of view thinkers who support the facts. I’ve been watching Alex Jones quite a while now. Just wondering if he is real or his just a scam. All he does is promotes the crap...
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    AR 15 With Handle

    Cheaper than dirt has some decent quality if you are looking for affordable option.
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    American AK's vs Russian AK's.

    Russian AK
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    Will AR 15 Kill a Deer?

    There is much better guns then AR15 to go hunting a deer.
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    GIF’s on The Forum

    Now GIF’s would be sweet. I am all for GIFs
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    AR 15 For Sale Under $1,000?

    Cheaper Than Dirty offers some cheap / kinda quality parts to make a cheap build
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    Why Is Thunder Tactical’s Shipping Backed Up?

    I use to buy products from Thunder Tactical and now when I ordered some kits from there the support told me that will take 14 to 24 days for shipping. I don’t mind waiting that long but is it just Thunder Tactical that’s delayed on orders or other companies are also like this? I’ve seen some...
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    Is AR 15 Good For Home Defense?

    I think if you are in the big field farm style house than yes. If you are in the smaller residential area you should get AR15 pistol as your home defense weapon but I suggest glock as your go to bed pull gun.
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    Will AR 15 Prices Go Up?

    I think it’s already going up in price. AR is going to be like stocks soon ? literally everyone wants one right now, especially with all the riots and shit that’s going on in U.S. right now.