Florida sheriff encourages residents to shoot looters breaking into homes

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  1. Djog

    Who is offering the best discount deals this fathers day?

    Kenzie's Optics haven't seen them offer any discounts for fathers day yet but if you use the code: TY10 you will get 10% off on any product if it's your first time ordering. I would take advantage of this plus I would subscribe to the MAILING LIST and keep an eye o fathers day discount. You can...
  2. Djog

    What is an AK 47 pistol?

    Akenett said it well enough. An AK--47 pistol contains the same basic build of a regular AK-47. It simply does not contain the stock of the gun, and has a barrel length of under 16". Other than that, it is an AK. Don't go modifying an already built AK-47 into a pistol though. Highly illegal.
  3. Djog

    Be Careful with Cerakote parts buying!

    Most cerakote jobs I have seen have been pretty good. I haven't really ever dealt with a finish that didn't stay on, but I have dealt with very strong finishes. Sometimes, you can't stop the coating from either getting in the mag well and in the threaded parts of the upper/ lower. That being...
  4. Djog

    Magpul Industries Reviews

    I think magpul is great, but not all of there stuff is the best for the aftermarket. The magpul bipod is one example. They really just dished out a simple design that kinda works with the angle pivot, however the applicable force to move is either too easy or too difficult. Definitely not...
  5. Djog

    5.6 Pound .308 Win - Roam Magnesium

    Personally, it is not that cool and the AR- 10 is meant to be mounted for marksmanship and hunting. bipods do that well enough already.
  6. Djog

    Can't decide......

    Definitely don't cheap out on the bcg or the barrel. But why not just get a rifle kit or an already built rifle? Why risk sourcing parts from a million different places?
  7. Djog

    Will AR 15 Be Banned?

    If it weren't for double standards the left would have no standards at all.
  8. Djog

    AR 15 to 5.7 Conversion Kit

    Yeah I do like they Midway 5.7 conversion it.
  9. Djog

    AR 15 to 458 Socom

    They most likely arent conveting anything, but buying the whole gun or whatever to build a completely new one.
  10. Djog

    Need advice

    Yup, you have an XL upper. You probably just wasted your money unless you want to make a 5.56 build and a 458
  11. Djog

    [Coupon Code] 10% OFF entire store with code: Discount10 @ Ormond Arms!

    Ormond arms is having a 10% off sale on all of their 80% lower kits and receivers. Use code Discount10
  12. Djog

    AR-15 Deals Rules - READ BEFORE POSTING!

  13. Djog

    AR with my P80 Build

    What you guys think?
  14. Djog

    The Armaspec SFT45/90 Ambi Safety Selector

    You always try to get the best priced product out there and I opted for this Ambidextrous safety selector from Armaspec. It has a lifetime warranty and has served me as well as it can. Anyone else run this particular safety selector?
  15. Djog

    American AK's vs Russian AK's.

    Russian AK's, or the ones not built in America are usually more connected with the original Russian AK which has a noticeable difference in performance over the American built ones.