Florida sheriff encourages residents to shoot looters breaking into homes

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  1. pinwheel

    Are there any manufacturers making a 30 inch barrel in 5.56?

    ...so you pin and weld a 16” barrel to your 14” barrel.
  2. pinwheel

    My Little Aero .223 WYLDE Build

    Nice build, I like it.
  3. pinwheel

    Is $600 for 1,000 rounds of 5.56 to much?

    In today’s market it’s not terrible. Yes. It used to be cheaper but I’d rather pay the 600 and have ammo then keep shopping and pay more or not get it at all. If you need to bullets then but them. If you already have enough then maybe you can afford to wait for a better price.
  4. pinwheel

    Let's Talk About This...

    I don't care !! Getting rid of the NBA will leave more room on TV for real sports like motor racing and Australian Rules Football. NFL & MLB can go away too ! You don't see anyone "Take a Knee" at a motor race. A person wearing a helmet to protect and defend our country and the Constitution is...
  5. pinwheel

    Conservative Memes

  6. pinwheel

    Introduce Yourselves!

    I am one of those guys that buys shit ton of ammunition, firepower and survival items for the zombie apocalypse or whatever the hack might come on its way in the future. I am ready, I am prepared. I think I belong to the online firearm forums. I’ve met some sweet, respectful and wise people on...
  7. pinwheel

    You don't need a permit or license to buy a gun in Florida.

    Florida is the place to be if you are a firearm lover.
  8. pinwheel

    Will AR 15 Be Banned?

    If they ban AR15 I think we are going to have bigger and more savage protest than George Floyd ?
  9. pinwheel

    YouTube is Cracking Down on Gun Related Videos

    What do you think Donald trump is doing right now? Twitter has censored him. Censorship is taking freedom of speech away. So his working on cracking down on these big social media giants, YouTube is one of them. Very soon there won’t be public oppression through the social media.
  10. pinwheel

    Working on the new AR15 build

    I can’t see the photo of your build.
  11. pinwheel

    Interesting AR15 Build

    If love to fire that baby up.
  12. pinwheel

    Is it Legal to Hunt with an AR-15?

    I love informative threads like this.
  13. pinwheel

    AR 15 For Hogs

    AR15 is a good choice of rifles for hog
  14. pinwheel

    Why You Should Hunt with an AR 15?

    Interesting read.
  15. pinwheel

    How many robberies happen every day?

    Where I live in near by neighborhoods that are filled with liberal cunts. Who hate guns, who tried everything in my town to rise against it have been getting robbed for years. In my neighborhood where I live, every guy has a gun. Maybe few don’t but majority does. You know how many times we...
  16. pinwheel

    Is Alex Jones a Scam?

    Front man definitely is strange guy. I don’t think his a scam but I think he uses fear to promote his survival products. Which makes me wonder, is he here to help enlighten the world or is he here to scare people to the point where they have no other choice but to buy his products.
  17. pinwheel

    Who has the best AR15 Merch?

    I bought some merch from warrior before but everything they have was basic, nothing special about them.
  18. pinwheel

    User Operations Guide on Forum

    Thats a great idea.
  19. pinwheel

    Can you change the default text color?

    I don’t mind it but that would be great if it was black.
  20. pinwheel

    GIF’s on The Forum

    Thanks, GIF’s are the way of live online. If you don’t have gifs. You don’t have a community it’s simple as that ?