Florida sheriff encourages residents to shoot looters breaking into homes

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    How to purchase a ghost gun legally

    Very nice description of the legalities of buying ghost guns. While there is a lot more to be mentioned in a legal sense, people should not be afraid of purchasing firearms. Normalizing gun ownership again is exactly what the USA needs to protect themselves and their neighbors. The AR-15 has...
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    Introduce Yourselves!

    Hey guys! We are a community. Introduce yourselves here!
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    AR-15 Deals Rules - READ BEFORE POSTING!

    Just to keep the clutter out, here are some rules when posting in this sub forum: 1. Keep all the posts oriented around a deal. 2. No advertising the company unethically. This is a deals thread. Post deals ONLY. 3. Replying to comments is ok, but keep it civil. 4. No private sales will be...
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    Will AR 15 Prices Go Up?

    I will allow this post to stay here, however, keep this thread for deals only.
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    American AK's vs Russian AK's.

    The Russian AK's are obviously better and more reliable. They are built differently.
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    They really think we would act as savage they do

    This article here by FNN is just further fuel to the fire that is the extreme on gun control. They actually think we would hurt others. They tried to make our rally something fueled by hate.