Florida sheriff encourages residents to shoot looters breaking into homes

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    DDMP pdw fully accessorized

    What grip are you using on this?
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    2nd Amendment Memes

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    Conservative Memes

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    Donald Trump Just Signed a Defense Production Act

    Things are going to heated with the defense production act getting activated. That's a big deal.
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    AR 15 to M16 JIG

    I can see what you mean about there not being a real market to make them, other than just to make the jig M16 compliant so you could use it for either build as long as you didn't put in the auto-sear hole. Not sure I'm ambitious enough to try to modify one of my completed receivers free hand to...
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    AR 15 to M16 JIG

    So I have the 5D Tactical EasyJig Pro and have gotten quite good at using it to cut 80% lowers. Its easy to use and the results are very nice. As I understand it, the jig cuts the lower with the rear shelf area to be spec for a semi-auto ONLY AR. Is there a jig on the market that would cut...
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    AR 15 to M16 JIG

    Hey guys. Alright, down to business: AR 15 to M16 Jig. Does anyone know of a trusted source where I can get this jig for myself? What’s my best option, and who do you guys go with? There are couple of more questions that I would like to ask. I am just not finding answers online.