Florida sheriff encourages residents to shoot looters breaking into homes

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    Firearm Flash arrestor

    Looks legit. This product will be available on December 15th?
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    Top 5 Reasons Why Men Prefer Guns Over Women

    6. They don't get mad when you have more than one.
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    Polymer80 Reviews

    You know I used to be heavily skeptical about my p80 when I got it, but all it takes is shooting it to work out those initial kinks. I think everyone should have at least a little experience with a p80 for their pure accessibility and ease of building.
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    Gas system

    Well I think that was tied up nicely by Sub and Frank. If I was going to add anything to this, I would say that, by going the route of having 2 uppers of different calibers for one lower you will need to be extra organized. Not only will you have to be sure that you have the right upper, but...
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    Where To Mount AR 15 Sling?

    There are multiple places to mount slings on an AR-15. check the handguard you have for the sling mount holes.
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    Will AR 15 Stock Work on an AR10?

    No it can't because the buffer system is different on an AR-15 than an AR-10
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    Will AR 15 Furniture Fit on an AR10?

    Attachments will work because it only depends on the type of mounting system on the handguard. You can use them interchangeable but it is ill advised to do so as you will need to sight in your optics all over again.
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    AR 15 With Fixed Stock

    No stock is illegal
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    AR 15 With Bipod

    Yes there are multiple kinds of bipods that can hook up either M Lok or picatinny.
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    AR 15 With Drum

    It is cool. My tacticool friends cant get enough of the drum mags. There isnt really a con. if you don't like it you dont have to use it.
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    AR 15 With Silencer

    A SUPPRESSOR is fine on an AR. I hope you aren't just some gun nut worried about looks on a gun. It serves a functional purpose. The con is the 600 buck tax stamp. the pro is that it muffles the sound of your shots.
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    Which AR 15 Parts Kit Should I Buy?

    Well, you wouldn't have to spend any money at all to filter out good from bad. Most reputable gun stores have plenty of reviews and communities backing them up. However, it depends on what you want to be purchasing really. Sometimes buying things that are expensive are well worth the money.
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    Which Handguard For AR15?

    I prefer the M Lok for its reliability
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    Which AR 15 Barrel?

    barrels make a difference when it comes to accuracy and performance. Longer barrels are good for marksmen shooting. The AR-15 is also designed for barrel lengths over 16" so it will wear less.
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    AR 15 With 14.5 Inch Barrel

    A 14.5" barrel is a little weird in my opinion given that most rails are made at 15" lengths for barrels that are 16"