Florida sheriff encourages residents to shoot looters breaking into homes

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    Ventura Munitions Reviews

    Absolutley enjoyed doing business with these guys! Bought 1,000 round of 5.56 multiple times. Always great prices and awesome friendly enviroment.
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    MID South Arms Reviews

    Ended up purchasing a Glock 43 from these guys. The prices are great and they porovide very good customer service.
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    Who sold American guns to Taliban?

    There has been many private gun dealers throughout the last decade selling their guns internationally. Just like the movie Lord of War played by famous actor Nicolas Cage. They did a great job showing what goes down in the business of gun dealing over the seas. If you didn't know in-fact this...
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    What kind of optics are you guys running on your AR pistols?

    Eotech exps2 w g33 magnifier on my 10.5” 5.56
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    Can There be a Civil War in America?

    ❌I am not voting for this man to be nice to bad people. ❌I am not voting for this man because he is supposed to answer complicated questions in 90 seconds while a moderator (who was born into the news network family since birth asks about heresay... And not facts). ❌I am not voting for this man...